Artist residency management


One example: the Berlin International Skateboarding Artist Residency (BISAR)

A six months international and multidisciplinary artist residence in which artists and participants are brought together to work on art & skateboard.


Skills involved

Ideation of the original concept based upon observation, analysis of the underground scenes and prospection of the possibles interactions between sport and diverse art disciplines.


Artist sourcing. Confidence establishment through a detailed translation of codes between underground scene and corporate philanthropy.


Residency agenda structuring: open studios of artists at work, with three months weekly events calendar including film screening, exhibitions, concerts, poetry readings and debates from and with professional skaters, urbanists, sociologists, artists and art professionals.

Everyday art-space management


Artists coordination


Communication direction


Events management and curation


Partakers coordination


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©Chiara Santini Parducci - 2019 - Mentions légales