Exhibition curation


One example: DO NOT THINK exhibition


Skills involved

I conceptualised and curated the exhibition and its international circuit presentations.

As per the subject of the project itself also its installation process acted a readaptation of spaces for art purposes and an artists scouting and inclusion at every new visited country to keep a grip with current events and explored grounds. The invention of skateable sculptures is a good example of that.


A strong and efficient public administration mediation capacity and cross-parties communication agility were the keys to those successes.


For every new city I ideated and managed annexed events. I conceived and edited the final catalog of the project.



Cross-parties management


Process managing: concept to result


International collaborations administration


Interdisciplinary expertise


©Chiara Santini Parducci - 2019 - Legal

©Chiara Santini Parducci - 2019 - Mentions légales

©Chiara Santini Parducci - 2019 - Mentions légales